What if we find oil?

How should the Faroes organise themselves in relation to the challenges, foreign labour, unequal wage levels, class inequality and other social related impacts, which could emerge as a result of an oil industry.

What does industry say, the union the politician and the expert.

These are all questions which will be raised in the Danish Parliament on the 21st of February 2014.

The event will see series of short presentations as seen from various viewpoints in the Faroes. The first presentation will be by a representative from the Norwegian Petroleum authorities and he will explain the Norwegian system.

The event is free of charge and interested delegates should announce their participation by sending their name and address to: jf@ft.dk before the 19th of February at the very latest.

The event is organised by the Faroe wing of the Social Democratic Party, with Mr Sjurður Skaale as the main event organiser. Mr Skaale is one of two Faroe representatives in the Danish Parliament. There is room for 150 delegates and the event will be held in “Fællessalen”. Registration will begin at 12.30 and the event will begin at 13.00 and end at 17.00.

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